Exercise during pregnancy

Birth ~ a new, unknown world. It will no longer be just you or you with your love. First there will be three of you, then maybe even more… This lesson is about you. About getting to know each other from the very first moment, connect with each other. About being able to tell you that your child is your past, your present, and your future. During the exercise, you will introduce your child to the joy of movement, reveal to him the emotions caused by the music, protect him and fear him, while also taking care of yourself. You can choose from our maternity gymnastics and kimama yoga classes: both types are absolutely tailored to your needs and condition.

The 2nd and 3d trimester

strengthening exercises adapted to your condition

Gait and trunk muscle reinforcement

hogy minél egészségesebb legyél ebben az időszkban is

Postnatal recovery

rectus diastasis, treatment of gait problems

Online classes

because your comfort is our top priority

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