Ismerd meg a legnépszerűbb manuális technikákat: ízületi mobilizációs módszerek, izomenergia technikák, trigger pont lazítási lehetőségek, manuális fascia technikák… Minden, ami a hatékony fájdalomcsillapításhoz és rehabilitációs munkához szükséges!

During the course, you will learn the manual techniques that are essential for good quality work. Without addressing trigger points and restoring the fascia, all rehabilitation is unthinkable, but you can't really increase range of motion effectively without using joint mobilisation techniques. Learn the techniques that will help you become an effective practitioner!

Structure of the course:

  • Fascia theory - based on the latest research
  • Testing methods: how do I know which technique will be most effective?
  • Principles and practice of trigger point treatment
  • Fascias
  • Theory and practice of manual fascia techniques
  • Joint mobility testing by joint
  • Joint mobilisation techniques

Price of the training: 250 EUR - which includes notes, diploma and participation in the training!

Do You have questions?

Our colleagues will be happy to help you, even by email. Contact us if you have any questions about the training!

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