Power yoga

Looking for a body-shaping, full-body-moving watch that increases your stamina while giving you beautiful, toned muscles? Power Yoga is made up of Hatha Yoga, Pilates and various spine exercises. We start the beginning of the class with silence and breathing exercises, then the strengthening and stretching exercises follow each other, which develop the body's flexibility, relieve stress and even refresh them spiritually! We close the watch with a deep, relaxing relaxation to make you feel like you’ve been swapped. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or a complete beginner, young or old, if you feel the challenge, Power Yoga is clearly for you! Yoga is for everyone!

Colourful and varied exercises

colourful and varied exercises

Customised task sets

in individual lessons

Intensifying shaping

strengthening, shaping exercises

Excellent cross-training

for runners

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