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Our aim is to prepare our clients to the highest possible standard on the subject. To this end, I have developed a team of highly qualified trainers who are dedicated and whose main goal is to provide our students with up-to-date knowledge.

Our courses are always based on a thorough theoretical preparation, with written material illustrated with photos and diagrams, alongside logically structured lectures. The practical parts of our courses are delivered in small groups: you won't find a practical course with 40-50 people for 1-2 instructors!

We won't let go of your hand even after the courses are over: you will receive video recordings of the practical part of each course to help you practice and refresh your knowledge later.

In our professional group you can ask questions at any time, we are always available if you have questions about 1-1 cases - this is how you can develop your professional skills.

We support your professional development with a solid foundation and a combination of innovative techniques!


Minőségi gyakorlati oktatás, német oktatókkal, magyar fordítással!

Functional assessments in rehabilitation

for accurate and precise diagnosis in sport

Flossing in rehabilitation

a simple and effective tool for sports rehabilitation

Kinesiotape and sport tape

a basic tool for all musculoskeletal professionals in sport

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Kismamtorna, intimtorna

only in Marosvásárhely - learn everything you need to know about working with pregnants 

Névtelen terv (9)
Cupping therapy

if you want to learn a fast and effective complementary technique


only in Marosvásárhely - training in fascia techniques and joint mobilisation holds

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Pilates in rehabilitation

the incorporation of this highly recognised method into physiotherapy

Sportrehabilitation instructor

10-day training for physiotherapists and fitness instructors

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